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Hari - hari Chegu main bola!

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i never had any intentions of being a teacher. Even when the teacher would assign me to write an essay on ambitions, it would never be a teacher...

Let me see.. I've been wanting to be a doctor, an engineer, a police officer, a firefighter (ooh, cita2 ini masih membara... hahaha) a nurse and even a flight attendant!

Scratch the idea of being a doctor and engineer when i finally met "miss Additional Maths" and "mr Physics". I basically cried finishing my matriculation exams doing these questions! huhu..

A police officer, a flight attendant and a nurse - these 3 ambitions was scrapped when i reached 18 - the growth hormone stopped spurting... haih... AND not to mention my astigmatism and traumatic cataract which i got growing up.. (make that SIX years old) haih...

Okay, when did i really decided to be a teacher? After 1 and a half years of failing to secure a job with my Degree, i finally gave in into being a teacher. One of the reason was my twin nephews. I used to temp as their kindy teacher in 2006, and after about 3 months into it, I fell in LOV with the profession... Kids suddenly becomes my life and when the KPLI offers where out, i took it, and Alhamdulillah i made it through even with only one try :)

Today, i have been teacher for about 2 and a half years now. and i can say, i still feel very much in love with this profession :) I hope i will feel the same for the next 30years. that's when i'll retire, Insya Allah..

Thank you to all teachers who have teach me through all life. I know i have never been one of the "nice" one but i really appreciate each and everyone who always had the patient to do so :) This also goes to all the teacher-bloggers out there. Today is our day!

Happy Teacher's day, all :)