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How to beat Overeating

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Eversince I got married, i found my letting go when it comes to eating.. I eat like a pregnant lady *that's eating for two* but i am really not expecting! urghhhh...

SOMETHING need to be done.. Huhu..

Ok, these are the things that i found helped me to beat Overeating

1. Eat slowly
Thoroughly chewing your food, usually about 15-20 minutes, to register the stomach that it is full and send a signal to the brain that you should stop eating :)

2. Give food your full focus.
Having distractions while eating (tv, computer, driving) will only make the calories you consume doesn't get registered well in your brain. In other words, you wont realize how much you have eaten until its too late!

3. Go for satisfying foods
Avoid foods that have large amounts of calories (especially from fat, sugar, and refined carbs) for very little volume, such as cakes, potato chips, candy bars, and chocolate. Try eating more fibrous food, so that the fuller you feel, the least binge-ing you'll be at the next meal.

4. Midnight snack
Stop doing it at any cost! if you are a night binge-er, try subtituting with fruits or a whole wheat bagel :)

5. Don't use food for comfort
emotional eating is often unrelated to hunger. The next time when you're reaching for junk food, ask yourself if you're truly hungry or just feeling antsy. Anytime you are feeling stressed, try meditating, excersising and even calling your loved Ones so that you wont be eating those unnecessary calories.

Lets be healthy together! :)