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Its Friday tomorrow! yay! :) School hols is here~~! Yay! Can't wait to see the Hubster tomorrow at KIA.. miss him so much! i think i am gonna jump into his arms tomorrow.. heh heh...

Banyak plan nak buat masa cuti nih.. Movie, passport, Serikin Trip, lazying at home.. heh heh.. tak sabar~~~

The best part is, i can be a full time housewife for a week! hehehe.. oh, we should also ronda2 around Ka-Ching to find a school for me there.. hehe.. wish me lucks guys...

Ada sapa2 nak pesan barang dari Sarikin? hehe... Neway, Happy Holidays to all teachers! and to SPM candidate 2009, hope you all had great results today :)