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Jalan Jalan part 2

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yesterday was great! spent the whole day snuggling with the Hubster at home, having a movie marathon! hehe.... so today, is spent outdoor!!!

our initial plan was to go to Gua Angin for a picnic or anything... but then, Hubster had a better idea which is Jong's Crocodile Farm!

arrived there around 11am, just in time for the Feeding time... after paying for the enterance fee |Adult: RM16. Ch: RM8| Local (Sarawakian) Adult: RM10. Ch: Rm 5| off we went.. Feeding time is on 11am and 3pm daily, so be sure to arrange your visit to that time so you can watch this process.. its fun! :)

after about half an hour, the show ended... and we proceeded to other animals on the Farm.. there were monkeys, rabbits, terrapin, lizards and sunbears! which i lov because they reminded me of Yogi.. hehe

around 1.30, we left there for lunch.. after lunch, we headed to Semenggoh WildLife Center.. again, because mySister knew all this things, we also caught the feeding time frenzy... hehe

we had a blast! and Hubster had loads of great shots for his portfolio, which i lov so much!

tired.. need to go to bed now.. till thenn...

p/s: i just found out that i am terrified of a lot of animals! huhuhu