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Home! ♥

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arrived safely around 6.20pm today.. Flight delay :( duh... luckily we were airborne for about 22minutes only, so it wasn't that much frustrated...

around 6.30 or so, met the Hubster :).. if it wasn't for my skirt and big bags, i would've jumped into his hands! hehehe...

we then lepak for a few minutes at McD coz FIL's flight from KL was also delayed for about an Hour... so we went to Guardians instead coz i forgot my Toner and Moisturizer back at QP |forgot? hmmmm| so right now my stamp collection is complete! can't wait to redeem my panther! hehehe

so, FIL arrived around 8.30pm and we headed tok PIL's crib to get some of Hubster's stuff there.. Hmm.. the life of the Weekend / Monthly Couple.. altho married, he still stays at his parents house whenever I'm not in town :( when can i be home all the time to take care of him? :(

Anyways after an hour of so keeping up with the Kardashians PIL, we went home to my place :) i love having someone to hold on to before going to bed tonight! :)

Which is why I should stop writing now.. hehe Bubbye! :)