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Am having my fat day today... right now, i am resenting my self so much.. for letting go since after the wedding.... Gained back the 6kgs that i lost for my wedding... it's only been about 3 months and i gained 6kg?!!!! haih....

berat oh berat... senang hati kau naik, susah hati kau turun... takkan la aku nak susah hati memanjang even when i'm really happy right now~?!

Haih... seriously, need to do something about it... TOMORROW! I WILL START TOMORROW! and will probably be updating the progress and foodblog thingy via Tumblr.. easier for me to upload the pics.. hehehe

in the mean time, am curing my heart ache with this... don't adjust your screen.. its a Pink Monopoly and I'm loving it to bits!

look! it even had these adorable tokens for the player mark! hehe

I wonder if Hubster wanna play it with me? :p