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Great things comes in small packages

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yesterday was a big chaos at school! 1st day jitters la katakan... i had to chase around one kid who managed to slip away while i was busy handling the parents... kene tumbuk skali, terajang skali... hehe asal tak kene baling dengan barang sudah.... hehe

ganas betul budak masuk skolah skarang.. hehe

Today, another one managed to slipped out again to chase after his mom.. luckily it was raining and other parents managed to persuade him not to run in the rain.. when i came to picked him up, i was kicked twice, and slammed to the door once.. hehe oh yeah, he managed to gripped at the door so kuat, that i almost stumbled! huhuhu

but, i this this year was better than last... atleast takda yang menyusu ka apa.. hehe

anyway, before balik tadi, one of my kids hugged me and proudly announced to his mom "Tawan (Kawan) Afiq" with a big toothless grin...

thank you for making me feel better even when i have to leave my heart back home :'). this is one of the little things that makes my life a nicer place to live in