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There's always a first....

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Its hubster's 1st day of work after a week off.. so we were both a bit liat on waking up.. after a tug fight with the comforter, i managed to get him off the bed for the shower, while i scrambled to the kitchen to prepare breakfast..

after a nasty war with the wok, i managed to prepare a so-called Mee Goreng for my Hubster for breakfast! haha.. So - called because it was done in such a hurry, that i AM REALLY NOT SATISFIED WITH THE OUTCOME! hehe.. moral of the story, WAKE UP EARLIER TO PREPARE UR HUBBS BREAKFAST, PRINCESS! hehehe

after sending him off to work, (yes, i drove him off too) me and Mom went to send some of my Tunang kains to the tailor for work ofcourse! hehe

around noon, i picked Beh up for our lunch before heading on to the Airport for my 2.30pm flight..

right now, i am trying to get some sleep.. it an early day tomorrow.. huhu.. nite guys

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