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i am tired as a dog! just finished the kid's 'Jamuan Akhir Tahun' today.. alhamdulillah, everyone made it to the event :).. the PPM had prepared lovely foods, but being a nervous wreck that i am, i didn't eat, even a bit! i was too busy making sure the kids had their meals, the teachers had enough food and so on.. plus, it FOURTEEN more days to go! NGEEE... dalam kepala fikir "baju kawin.. baju kawin.. baju kawin.." terus takda selera... hahaha

as for the majlis penyampaian hadiah, its gonna be Chicken Dance and Ke Sekolah song.. I just hope the kids won't freak out later with the bigger stage and audience.. gerenti ada nanti yang ternganga sampai habis persembahan.. hahaha

oh yeah.. i got my wedding pressies already! hehe.. 2 of the teacher gave me a gift each because they weren't able to make it to the majlis... thanks guys.. appreciate it so much! hehe..

tu je lah... nak rest kejap.. sakit badan lepas menari chicken dance for a week dah now! hehehe

p/s: nak mintak nie bleh? hehe

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