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its gonna be a week to look forward to! why?! because i am gonna be home in KaChing on FRIDAY!


the best part about it this time is that I can puasa & sungke (berbuka) @home! double yay! there is also our shopping trip to kl! huhu

can't wait! can't wait! can't wait!

so, i should be making a list of things to do during the hols

  1. meet photog: confirm date, plan and initerary
  2. meet mak andam : confirm date, package, pelamin. take measurement
  3. fill up borang2s
  4. KL TRIP! yay!
for the KL trip, need to write down a list too!
  1. kain for nikah (l & p)
  2. kain for parents (x 2)
  3. tudung for nikah
  4. comforter
  5. curtain for bilik
  7. shoes (x 2) - l & p
  8. kain for raya :P
i can only think of these for now! gerenti bertambah lagi nanti~~~ huhu
♥ ♥ ♥