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Robots in Disguise :)

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just came back from watching Transformers : Revenge of The Fallen. i only have 1 word to describe it.


watched it with Beh and Bella. We weren't really planning on catching it when I suggested for a weekend in SBW. when we checked the screenings, we were pleased to find that they were one for every HOUR! after buying the tix, we went to grab dinner and jalan2 some more..

20min prior to showtime, we walked to the theatre.. Lo and behold! there were tons and tons of people lining up to watch them! those who just went out from the movie had this excited and contentment on their faces! i was getting more excited..

inside, it was already half full!
saya dan Tunangan yang amat menggemok! huhu.. sempat x gojes b4 nikah? huhu

anyway, watching the movie, i found myself gaping and having my jaw dropped every 5 minutes. the graphics were amazing, the soundsystem were fabulous and the actors tak payah cerita lah..

for a while, i was so jealous of Megan Fox for having to work side by side with the delicious Shia and Josh! Aduuhhh.. Jealous!

up till now, i still feel as if I am watching the movie in my head. its a must see! go see it!

♥ ♥ ♥