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Preschool Carnival

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i was so beat up this weekend, that i only had the time to upload the pictures for the Preschool Carnival happening last Friday, today..

We sent about 6 pupils only.. easier for me to keep track of their whereabouts and everything. hehe.. 6 pupil = 1 Bercerita BM, 1 Sajak, 4 Colouring.. Didn't send any for Pergerakan and Tarian though. Pergerakan coz we didn't know the format of the competition and Tarian coz CheGu dieorang nih kayu sumenya.. tabley menari.. wakaka..

Anyway, one of my student got the 3rd Place in the Story Telling Competition and my Collegue's student got the 1st prize for Coloring. I bet if we sent some for the Pergerakan, i am sure we atleast gonna win 3rd Place! hehe

here are the pics..

prize giving ceremony...
Dayleenda for her 3rd Place in bercerita
Ashfarina 1st place in coloring.
The winning piece of art..

lastly, group photo!

p/s: ignore me.. too short in my too big baju.. Haih!
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