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Something funny happened today..

as i was marking the kid's homework, suddenly Aldreane from Group 3 giggled. when I asked him was was wrong, he casually said,

"Cikgu, cikgu macam Cikgu Sakura la,"

and continued giggling with his deskmates. I was quite blur at first, not knowing what he meant by it.. He then mentioned,

" Cerita Hagemaru, cikgu.. Cikgu Hagemaru nama dia Cikgu Sakura.. Dia pun pakai cermin mata macam cikgu..."

when he finished his sentences, my whole classroom giggled with him and started calling me Teacher Sakura! hehe

Who is this Hagemaru? Tsurupika Hagemaru (Little Baldy Hagemaru) is a manga publish in the 80's (1985 - 86) by Shinbo Nomura.

The key to this story is "stingy"! This is a story of a wonderfully "stingy" boy. A bright, powerful young ten-year old hero, Hageta Hagemaru. He is such a tough boy who deals with everything in his "stingy" way. Together with his equally stingy parents, they do anything just to save a few Yen. Hagemaru also has a pet dog named Pesu, who often comments about Hagemaru's family being too miser and not giving him anything to eat.

ok, for those who doesn't watch Astro Ceria as much as I did, here's a clip of Hagemaru - Jodoh Cikgu Sakura..


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