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Habisla Program Diet saya.. hahaha

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Me and dad arrived from Tahlil @ Telaga Air just now around 10.30pm.. now I am cursing myself for letting my self go at dinner just now.. hahaha.. not really lah.. but whenever I am in KaChing, I am in great danger of adding a kilo ( or 2) in just a week! which took about a month to get it off!!!

huhu today morning had a wedding ceremony which I attended with dad @ dewan RPR. ate yummy Nasi Tomato and other wedding food that is so sinful and delicious..

then, I went out wit Beh only to be spoilt with my favourites! Jagung susu and Sotong Kangkung!


Then, we head to Astana for some roasted chicken wings!

Double Nyum!
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and later this evening, dinner at the pengilan which is heavy also! huhu... Habis lah saya~~~ hahaha
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