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i am writing this as my kids are playing with the toys... its breaktime, so i can blog rite? hehe..

a lot is in my head right now.. i wanna be home.. i miss home a lot.. my sis Alin is in KacHing this weekend, I wish i could be there also.. huhu..

Beh is busy with work. There's a big function at the office on the 11th, so its overtime for him till the 10th.. kesian..

He's actually sick the day I arrived here in QP.. Demam berayi aka kenak tinggal.. hehe kesian my Fiance..

I am actually fighting a flu right now.. I think i got it via mms and sms by beh. Seeing him sick made me feel sicker too.. Kesian.. I really wanna be home...

Beh, mms penyet boleh sik? Maok~~~

♥ ♥ ♥