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To Twilight or not?

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Weekend is here! Yay! For the first time this week, i an really psyched! I've had too much meeting to attend this week that passing the meeting room made me felt nauseated ;)

School started great this year.. Atleast i wasn't the newbie and was a bit prepared compared to last.. Except for this one kid which i mentioned in my last post.. He still managed to cry his eyes out even after 5 days of schooling.. Sigh.. Maybe i should just stick a pacifier in his mouth to shut him up.. Hehe..
Am currently finishing the Twilight novel for the 2nd time this week, before i proceed watching the flick for an encore.. You see, the movie fail to satisfy me as much as the paperback did.. Luckily i only downloaded the movie to my PSP instead of going to the cinema.. So i saved a couple bucks for a good reason.. Hehe
If i managed to finished it again tonight, i think i am going to watch the movie again afterwards.. So the psp did something good after all! Haha!
Oh yeah.. I managed to buy me and Bella tickets for our CNY holiday! Yay! Can't wait to be home! And one more thing; my confirmation offer letter has arrived! Alhamdulillah! Cepat2 la approve sak pat pindah cepat2! Hehe..

Till then
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