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Yay for Beh!

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I told beh about my craving for Prosperity Burger, so jes now he brought to McD for sum finger-licking-good.. Eh, salah tagline.. For some I'm-Loving-It moment.. Thanks sayang.. Ya mek Lov kitak gilak..

Okay, today's story.. As I was busy wit kenduri arwah at my sis's crib, Beh was busy attending Sony Alpha workshop @ Somerset Gateway. Since it was a workshop, I didn't kacau him even a bit er ada la texting madah i lov u sikit2.. eheh. Its his passion and I really hope he'll get all the knowledge that he needed to be a better photog.

Yada Yada Yada

He picked me up around 7 with this big dopey grin on his face. I was like,

"Happy na sayang? Da menang papa ka?"

He shoved something into my hands..


"Wah! Door gift ka? Bestnya" At this point, his grin has just became wider..

"Dear dapat top 10 best photos!"

"Ebat tunang mek eh! Lov!"

That's the whole story.. And here's the winning pic.. Its a bit blurry coz I snapped it with Nicole82 jak..

He also got this bag and keychain.. And since its Pink, mebbe I can sweet talk him into giving it to me! :D

So proud of you sayang~~~


Thanks for the treat Beh.. Lov u gilak2!