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after office hours today, i texted beh:- ajaknya ronda2... huhu rindu aih~~

he picked me up around 6 and off we went to pasa..

on the way there, inside his car, i surprised him wit 3 piece of Big Apple Keria Donuts..

photos credits to

his faves : the Alien, Say Cheese and Whitnut.. i told him three pieces means 'b lov dear'~~
he laughed ingly..hehe besh2...

we then made plans to have dinner at d'airiz (betol ka) kat Green Road cya.. i just found out that they serve thai foods.. so we ordered Tom Yum, oyster Kailan and fried prawn.. all totalling RM30 gya (+ aek)

ok la.. but i'll only give them out of

udang tak sik nyaman bang.. dah lah sik buang nak itam2 di belakangnya yarkh~~

then we lepak2 sampe kepak before headed home... owh.. i really mis hanging out wit beh eh~~~ happy

dah eh.. nantokzzz