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One for Mommy, one for baby

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So last week we went shopping for ♥Dahlia's recipe book. I wish Kuching had bigger bookstore like other places. Went to Popular TJ instead and I only find a few that I really liked.

I was initially looking for Annabel Karmel's book as I've heard great raves about it, but sadly ada toddlers punya recipe book je.. (˘̩̩̩_˘̩ƪ) Wuuuuu frust..

Anyone yang nak kasi or buy me one (for babies) di alu2 kan.... Hehehehe (o ‵-′)ノ☆(>﹏<)

Anyway, bought this instead. 500 recipes for babies and toddlers. A great buy! It covers recipe from babies (puree, porridge) up untill toddlers (omelets, pasta). They first teach the basics, then gradually adds other ingredients and flavors for other recipe which is really great! :)

Another book that I bought was "1 hari 1 resipi". Oh buku ini sangat best sbb tengok gamba pun boleh buat air liur leleh leleh. Honestly I don't know what "Laku Keras" means. (o ‵-′)ノ☆(>﹏<)

But this one is surely a great buy! Easy to follow and very kampung punya resipi which is obviously sangatla sedap and awesome! :)

Go get ur copy guys! Gerenti tidak rugi! \(•ˆ⌣ˆ•)/
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